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The issue of domain name ownership is a tricky one, especially when it comes to corporations and their desire to "retcon" themselves through lawyers the domains they failed to register when they released a product. Apple is a company that often does this. Now, Motorola's jumping on board.

Vincent of Slashgear registered and set up as a Motorola RAZR community site back in July of '04, a full 11 months before Motorola filed the trademark for "motorazr". Everything was fine until August of '06, when Moto's lawyers decided they wanted the domain, and even offered a piddling amount of $1,500 to get him to go away. When that didn't work, their lawyer was "rude and unprofessional", and now Motorola's going through arbitration with the World Intellectual Property Organization to get the domain.


What are your thoughts?

Motorola resorts to reverse domain hijacking of [Vincent Nguyen]