Motorola Unleashes the ROKR E2 Upon Asia: Just as Bad as the ROKR?

Motorola just launched the Linux-based ROKR E2 music cellphone in Singapore (isn't Motorola an American company?) and hopefully it's not as big of a disappointment as the original ROKR was. This time around you can load up to 500 MP3s onto the cellphone, but, since it's based on Linux, you probably won't be seeing iTunes support here. Motorola lets you plug in an SD card of up to 2GB in size into the ROKR E2, but the 500-song limit sort of makes that irrelevant.


The ROKR E2 has a now-common 1.3-megapixel camera and an FM radio tuner for good measure. There's no word on the battery life, which is important for music phones. (I know that in my experiences, the Chocolate lasts about 23.5 seconds while playing music.) It should cost around $300, but it's unknown if it'll make its way over here.

Motorola Singapore Announces the ROKR E2 [ via CrunchGear]

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