Motorola Working Around Google For Android Phones In China

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Google's war with the Chinese government could end up hurting Motorola, one of its Android mobile handset partners that plans to sell phones in China.

So how can Motorola continue with its plans to sell Android phones in China — the world's biggest mobile market — without Google's help?


By working AROUND Google, by establishing more of its own mobile services, and by partnering with local providers.

So that's what Motorola is doing.

For example, Motorola just announced it has created its own App Store for Android apps in China, called "SHOP4APPS" (or "Zhi-Jian-Yuan," which means "Place for Apps Wisdom" in Chinese).


And Motorola will let its Android subscribers pick their own search provider, including Baidu, the Chinese favorite.

Smart moves. There's no reason that the Android OS should go belly-up in China even if Google discontinues its business there. But handset makers like Motorola need to scramble to make sure they don't rely on Google services (like App Stores, search engines) to do business in China.


Yesterday, Morgan Stanley analyst Ehub Gelblum said that Google's tiff with China could potentially cost Motorola 500,000 unit sales this quarter, or $162 million in sales.