The Mountain Goats, or basically John Darnielle, have gone through a pretty major evolution over the years. The new single "Cry For Judas" off the upcoming album Transcendental Youth is a great example not only of how far they've come but how they've done it without really giving anything up.

This doesn't sound like anything off of All Hail West Texas and instead sounds a little more like the Goats' more produced efforts such as Tallahassee, but its got its own particular flavor as well, while still being sufficiently "Mountain Goat-y." The horns are a nice touch and the whole thing is just super catchy. I've listened to this—no lie—at least 50 times over the past few days.


The lyrics of this song (and presumably the upcoming album in general) touch on youth in that same great way The Sunset Tree did, but without being soul-crushingly depressing, which is a nice change. This song is practically triumphant. Personally, I can't wait for the album to drop this October, but until then, I'll be listening to "Cry For Judas" over and over and over and over.