Movie Posters Love Showing Off an Actress from Behind

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Have you noticed that movie studios love to objectify an attractive actress by showing off her assets from behind on movie posters? Emily Asher-Perrin of Tor certainly spotted the trend and put together a convincing case about how awfully cliched it is.


Here's how Asher-Perrin describes the mystery adding pose and why movies love to use it for actresses:

Well, it typically does a good job of showing off all of a lady's assets for one. And I'm sure if an actress isn't quite so curvy, showing off her posterior sounds like a good way of ramping up sex appeal. It's also a pose that tells you, in no uncertain terms, "I'm here for you to objectify me. It's okay, you don't have to feel bad about it."


Another design cliche to add to the one-trick pony that is Hollywood movie posters. See the whole body of evidence here. [Tor via Neatorama]

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