Movie Theaters Begin Slapfight With Studios over New Flicks On-Demand

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Remember that impossibly-bad sounding idea of renting a movie on-demand for $30? (But only if it's not too successful!) Well it's not bad enough to fly under the radar of theater owners, infuriated by the thought of lost profits.


We're still not really sure who would go for this $30 ripoff, other than members of gigantic families for whom heading to the movie theater is prohibitively expensive, but the retribution is on its way. Theaters are threatening to show fewer trailers for upcoming films by the offending studios (OH GOD, NO!), and according to a press release from AMC, we should all get ready for "a new guest rewards program, better-for-you items, enhanced food and beverage offerings, dine-in theatre options and alternative, engaging programming for our guests to enjoy in our comfortable, state-of-the-art auditoriums." Yes, that certainly sounds like something that will make going to the movies less expensive. [ZDNet]



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Theater Owners!

If you want to keep my business, there are two simple things that you can do and I'll watch at least one movie every weekend:

a) Cut costs back to 1990s levels. $5 - $7 for a ticket, max.

b) Serve beer. Decent food would be a plus as well, it's not the 50's anymore, but beer will win me over straight off.

That is all.