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Bandai first brought the pleasure of regular bubble wrap to your keychain with its Mugen Pop Pop Toy. And now, in case you don't bring your keys everywhere, they've put it on the iPhone too!


The iPhone app, which is free, gives you three different Mugen Pop Pop play modes: normal, repeat and scramble.

Normal - Touch Mugen Pop Pop bubble to hear "Pop" sounds - Be on the lookout for surprise sound effects!

Repeat - Select difficulty level - Mugen Pop Pop will play a "Popping" sequence and then flash all buttons. It is then your turn to "Repeat" the popping sequence. A sound will be heard when you've completed it correctly and new sequence will start.

Scramble - Select difficulty level - Mugen Pop Pop will illuminate one or multiple "Pops", you must "Scramble" quickly to touch the Pop before Mugen Pop Pop scrambles you.


Get a poppin'! [iTunes]

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