Mugen Pop Pop Infinite Bubble Wrap Toy Hits the US

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The previously Japan only Mugen Puchi Puchi bubble wrap toy is now available in the US for $5.99. It's available in four colors: cold sore pink, pea soup green, dying of exposure blue and cadaver grey. It's fun, yes, but the sound effect unfortunately doesn't sound all that much like the *POP* of a real bubble wrap bubble and more of like a generic sound effect speaker noise from a handheld game you played in 1985. You do get a fart, barking dog or door chime sound every 100 pops, which is worth something, I think. It comes in keychain form so as to prevent your keys from flying away, Mary Poppins style. Available at Toys R' Us, Wal-Mart and Target. [Toys R Us]