Murder Victim's Body Mistaken for a Halloween Decoration "Straight Out of a Horror Story"

Today in “is it too late to just get back in bed?” news, the body of an Ohio murder victim that was left dangling from a chain-link fence was initially ignored by passers-by, who mistook it for a ghoulish Halloween decoration.

CBS News reports:

Law enforcement officials in the southern Ohio town of Chillicothe said Wednesday that 31-year-old Rebecca Cade was apparently in a fight, ran from her attacker, and got into a lot surrounded by a fence. Police say she apparently tried to climb the fence to get away, but her clothes got caught, trapping her.


Chillicothe resident Tammy Dixon told ABC:

“It was the worst Halloween scene you could ever imagine ... It was straight out of a horror story. She was hanging over there. Her left hand up.”


Eventually, construction workers nearby realized the grim truth and contacted authorities. Cade, who had a 15-month-old son, had been beaten to death by a rock. A suspect is in custody, and while the Chillicothe area has a suspected serial killer on the loose, police do not currently believe Cade’s death is related to those crimes.

Photo of Halloween yard decor that does NOT include an actual dead body by Robert Engberg


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