Muse's Drone Blimp Crashed Into a London Crowd

Image: Flickr / Phil Guest
Image: Flickr / Phil Guest

Last night, the band Muse was jamming though the song “The Globalist,” when a concert drone known affectionately by fans as “dildrone,” crashed into the crowd. Clearly, this drone isn’t taking any of your shit.


Muse has recently shown a particular interest in drones, despite the dangers the aircraft often present. Although the spectacle of this airship careening into fans below isn’t quite the explosive spectacle of some new age Hindenburg, it’s a visual anecdote for why the FAA isn’t too thrilled about flying big drones over people. Hell, we even thought this was a bad idea a year ago. Luckily, no one was injured by the descending drone, just scrambling to escape its makeshift landing pad.


NME mentions that this isn’t Muse’s first drone mishap either, a smaller drone crashed on stage earlier this year at a show in Detroit.

Muse, I appreciate the energy to innovate, but maybe leave the drones at home next tour.



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I miss old Muse :(