Mushu's Solo, Aladdin's Humiliation, and a Little Eartha Kitt: Songs Cut from Disney Movies

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On the way to becoming the movies that we know and sometimes love, Disney musicals have gone through numerous cuts and changes, and sometimes entire songs are lost in the editorial process. So what toe-tapping songs of the supernatural did we miss out on?

The FW collected 10 songs that never made it into their respective Disney movies. In some cases, the songs were cut for time or to streamline the plot; in others, the stories were so completely rewritten that the songs no longer fit. That's what happened with "Snuff Out the Light," which was written for The Emperor's New Groove back when it was still titled Kingdom of the Sun. Eartha Kitt was still the villainous Yzma, but in that version, her plot was to capture the sun so that she could remain youthful forever. Even though the song didn't fit the final version, it's still fun to listen to Kitt sing as Yzma.

This song, "Humiliate the Boy," was also from an earlier version of its film, Aladdin. Here, Jafar gets possession of the lamp much earlier, and uses his infinite wishes to embarrass Aladdin in front of his prospective bride. The storyboards are quite amusing, but it's easy to see why this version of the story wouldn't have worked.

One song that was cut without major changes to the script was "Keep 'Em Guessing," which would have been Mushu the dragon's solo from Mulan. When the writers decided to simplify Mushu's interactions with Mulan, we missed our change to hear Eddie Murphy deliver lines like "I'm smoother than ginseng" and "If they don't ask, don't tell."


You can listen to the seven other songs and read the stories behind them at The FW.

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