Music Publishers Sue XM Radio

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The RIAA isn't the only company pissing us off this month. The National Music Publishers Association has slapped a "last resort" lawsuit on XM. The lawsuit is regarding a particular service called XM + MP3 that allows XM subscribers to save and store songs on portable players as long as they remain XM subscribers. The royalties that XM pays does not cover the ability to save and store songs, according to the NMPA.

The RIAA filed a similar lawsuit against XM last year that is still pending. The NMPA represents musicians under Famous Music, Warner/Chappell, Sony/ATV, and EMI publishers. Gizmodo angry, Gizmodo smash!

NMPA files suit against XM Satellite Radio [Orbitcast]
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I have an Inno, and it's great. I don't see what the big freakin' deal is about it being able to record. It has a limited capacity, and I can't transfer those recordings off the device. If I lock too many songs, I eat up recording space.

I use it to record on it's home dock (with the reception) for later enjoyment. I have it recording Lucy right now, and will have 25 hours of the channel, in perfect reception, ready for my flight to Arizona this week.

When I have exhausted that time, I'll clear it off and go again.

I currently have 4 songs locked, and will probably get tired of them soon enough.

Silly part of all this is, if I hear a song on XM and like it, I am likely going to purchase it somewhere so I can play it in other places and hear other songs by that artist.

So, if this lawsuit succeeds and takes away my record ability, I drop XM, and my exposure to your oh-so-valuable product is diminished, lessening your sales. Bravo, NMPA. Good plan.