EMI Update: Catalog Will Be DRM-Free on iTunes

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While this is coming from the WSJ and therefore probably credible, the announcement was still technically made on April 1st, so if doesn't pan out, don't blame us. But word 'round the campfire is that EMI, along with his Steveness, is going to announce at 8 a.m. EST that most of their catalog is going to be offered DRM-free on iTunes. There may be no Beatles, but who needs them when you have DRM-free music? On iTunes.


If this is true—EMI being wishy-washy doesn't add to the cred factor but we're going with it—this is huge, and quite frankly, awesome. Sure, you could chalk it up to mounting EU pressure, Jobs' cry heard round the world, or the crushing impingement of reality, but we totally think our RIAA boycott just worked. One down, three to go.


[via Idolator]
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If this is, indeed, true, then I will begin buying large quantities of music from iTunes again, and only from EMI's artists. I hope that others will vote with their dollars in a similar fashion.