"Big Four" Record Company EMI Considering Dropping DRM

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EMI Group, one of the European labels that his Steveness called out in his missive, looks to be taking up his suggestion to offer DRM-free music. While it's not clear which "broad swath of its recordings" might be getting the sweet touch of freedom, EMI is discussing selling the consumer-friendly tunes with "Apple, Microsoft, Real Networks and Yahoo," according to the Times.


The Times makes it clear, though, that we shouldn't start soiling our sweats for la revolucion just yet, as it's "far from clear that the company... will reach a deal." And in iTunes' case, it's been pointed out that even tracks which are DRM-less in other stores are locked up tight with FairPlay, so they still might take the all-or-nothing approach, even if EMI does come out for truth, freedom, and the American Way.

EMI May Sell Recordings Online With No Anti-Copying Software [NYT]



Could it be that EMI is simply calling Apple's bluff? Does anyone actually believe that if EMI were to allow DRM free music that Apple would instantly switch over their EMI titles? I suspect there is a 50/50 shot EMI will do this just to show the world that Steve Jobs is full of it.

Oh .. Wait. Am I actually saying that a record label has a brain? Scratch that. It will never happen.