Mustek PF-A1020BC Frame Comes With Changeable Faceplates

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If all digital photo frames are starting to look alike, try this Mustek PF-A1020BC with its big 10-inch LCD and swappable frames, coming with silver, "frosted white," or Mahogany faceplates. Pictures should look pretty nice as the 9.5-inch viewable area displays at a 720 x 480 resolution, and you can store around 45 JPEGs thanks to the frame's internal memory. But are the pretty colors going to be able to justify the frame's $200 price tag?


It's not as radical as some of Mustek's previous offerings, though it doesn't do less than the competition: MP3s, slideshows, and direct transfer from a USB drive or memory card are all supported. If you're still in the market for a digital photo frame, the PF-A1020BC is certainly one to look at. Keep an eye out for them this summer.


Product page [Mustek]

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Philips already makes several models of digital picture frames that come with 4 changeable faceplates. One model comes with red, white, red flowers on white background, and black. Another comes with white, silver, mahogany, and black.

Resolution is 640x480 for the 9 inch model, and I've seen them in store, great quality compared to Pandigital, IQ or Umbra brand frames. They have internal battery and internal memory too.

The price tag is 299 Canadian dollars for 9 inch, a lot more expensive compared to the competitors. For that you can get a 17 inch lcd!