myFairTunes6 Strips DRM Off iTunes Tracks

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If you enjoyed sticking it to the man with the FairUse4WM WMA DRM stripper, you'll love myFairTunes6. This software strips DRM from your iTunes Music Store songs without re-encoding. This makes it a hell of a lot easier than the previous method of burning and then ripping your songs, which causes a bit of quality loss.

myFairTunes6 strips the DRM file losslessly, which means the song you get is the same song you put in. A slight bit more ethical than FairUse4WM, because you've actually purchased these iTunes songs, opposed to just renting them via Napster and then stripping the DRM off.


myFairTunes6 v.0.2b - Windows C++ Port of QTFairUse6 [Hymn Project via Lifehacker]