FairUse4WM Removes DRM From WMA Files

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There's a new program on the loose that removes the digital rights management (DRM) from Windows Media files. Called FairUse4WM, the Windows program strips the DRM'd from the targeted Windows Media file. There's a number of checks in the program designed to prevent it from being used to abet piracy (kind of like what hymn does), making sure you're only using it to "free" your files for your own personal use. Also of note is that it only cracks DRM one song at a time, further thwarting potential piracy.


Don't tell the Zune guys that their secure media format isn't so secure anymore.

FairUse4WM - a WM/DRM removal program [Doom9's Forums via dapreview.net]


It's so much more powerful than you claim. Napster-to-go suddenly became a very attractive option, especially with that 7 day free trial.