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Mynd Calendar Premium: This App Knows Your Schedule Better Than You Do

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mynd's smart calendar app for iOS just got a hefty new update today. The free version adds some smart features like integration with your Contact list and LinkedIn, but it's the paid Premium upgrade that gets a major boost: it acts like a digital assistant, learning how you spend your day to predict what your future calendar looks like.

Plug in a calendar entry that says something about breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and Mynd Premium will auto-categorize that calendar slot under "dining." File your regular Zumba class under "exercise," and soon Mynd will learn to auto-categorize any Zumba event as such.


A premium feature called Inside Mynd uses those categories to help you visualize and understand where the hours in your week are going. If you had to skip an exercise session, delete the entry from the calendar, and at the end of the week you'll have an accurate view of how much time you spent sweating. Curious how much time you spend on a recurring task? Plug it in your calendar and get a weekly report. You can track the amount of time you've spent each week working with a particular client, track miles driven for business, and get updated traffic info that tells you when to leave in order to get somewhere on time.

The basic version of Mynd is free, while the Premium upgrade costs $5 a month or $50 for the whole year. If you've got a packed calendar and an iOS device, maybe that's worth it to you. [Mynd]