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Remember MySpace? No, not the new one, but the old, horrible one, the acne of the Internet, the one with Tom's dumb face plastered across it? Ever wonder what happened to him? He makes fun of regular people on Twitter.


It went down like this: some nobody makes fun of MySpace imploding as a business, which it did. Maybe out of line—but when you're the co-founder of MySpace and are willingly on Twitter, you need to assume people are going to make fun of you for being the guy who co-founded MySpace. Tom shoots back by not only bragging about how rich he is, but by making fun of the fact that the other guy has to work for a living, "hoping for a half-day off."


Let's think. Tom is a rich man. Tom doesn't have to work another day in his life, because he sold MySpace before it collapsed into its own festering GIF abscess. In fact, it doesn't seem like he's done much since offloading MySpace to Rupert Murdoch for a stupidly inflated sum. He's still just the guy who made MySpace. He seems okay with it. In fact, his avatar is still that dumb, "I just co-founded the ugliest site on the Internet" shit-eating portrait of him in front of a whiteboard. The same picture from the MySpace days. The same picture plastered across his Hindenburg social network that became popular on the backs of working schlubs like the one he just publicly demeaned on Twitter. Ha Ha! Poor People! Enjoy working for a living, on your farm, probably!

Listen Tom: it's cool that you spray painted a turd to look like gold and sold it to a senile Australian man for half a billion dollars. Good on you. But part of being a lucky, rich guy who is set for life because of ordinary people means not making fun of ordinary people. Ordinary people who are still working, trying to make something of themselves, rather than resting on a sack of cash earned over something universally reviled. Civilization regrets the thing that made you rich. Be rich with grace. Robert De Niro rich. Be humble. Be aware of the fact that you cashed out. Noblesse oblige. Take the high road. Ignore the haters—because bragging about being rich never cool. Making fun of people for having jobs is never cool. Your picture isn't cool anymore. Your Wikipedia entry isn't cool—"Anderson had a cameo appearance in the 2009 American drama-comedy film Funny People starring Adam Sandler." You're making "winning" jokes and it's almost 2013. You are MySpace personified.

In conclusion, fuck you, and don't be an asshole to people who aren't rich. And change your picture. [Betabeat]


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