Myspace Wants To Become The Quintessential Online Music Hub

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At at a Tuesday event, Myspace and new owner Specific Media will detail plans to revive the dying social network. According to a document leaked to AllThingsD, the key to a successful resurrection will be music, music, and more music.


The leaked pitch deck suggests Myspace wants to become "the #1 online community music destination." Myspace is already known as a place for musicians to hang out, but it seems as if Specific Media wants to take this one step further.

More than just a social network, Myspace will likely use it existing music licensing agreements to develop a new platform based on ad-supported music and video streaming. How Myspace plans to become the Netflix of online music isn't clear. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to put all the pieces together. [AllThingsD]

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Except that musicians don't use Myspace anymore. The quality is shit, the layout is shit, all of the options the artist has are shit. This seems to be true from little artist all the way up to big artists. No one cares anymore and they'll have to do a lot (as in, re-code the entire site) to bring people back.

On top of this, ever since the whole FB application thing happened, artists have been using that quite a lot and cross-posting their updates/news on twitter/their blog/website/etc.

I'm looking at their plan and while certainly it is a plan... I don't think they have it in them to make any of this actually happen.