Mysterious, Bulky Sony Ericsson 'Reese' Phone Expected to Debut at MWC

Illustration for article titled Mysterious, Bulky Sony Ericsson Reese Phone Expected to Debut at MWC

This swiveling, QWERTY-equipped Sony Ericsson mobile is expected to debut sometime this week over in Europe at the Mobile World Congress. Here's what we know.


Not much! That's what we know. But there is this, from the Esato forums (via Phonearena), whence the included image was leaked:

Speculations point out that it will not be a smart phone but target people that are addicted to messaging and social networks.


Sounds like every other cell phone on the block right now, no? So I guess we'll see if Sony Ericsson has something up their sleeve this week at MWC, aside from big bulky QWERTYs on their smartphones. Maybe it's super cheap? For now, rumor or no, consider me agnostic on the issue. [Esato via Slashphone, Phonearena]

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My first thought is fugly. a word I haven't used since Zune 1.0.

My second thought is this thing was designed by a committee of people who don't message themselves but think they know what messaging is.

I do think the form factor, if done right, could be useful for some situations. It's a solution looking for a problem.