Mysterious New UFO Pics Probably from X-Files

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A set of photographs depicting a beautiful, steampunk-looking UFO hovering over a small Northern California town are most likely from an X-Files viral marketing campaign. These images have zoomed across the web at lightspeed. Some of the first shots that made it onto the net last year showed this ship, pictured, which looks like something out of The Golden Compass. Just recently an anonymous person claiming to be with a "secret project" related to extraterrestrials released schematics of the ship online. Sounds like an X-Files stealth campaign or ARG (alternate reality game). Still, the schematics (below) look really freaking cool.

Here's a closeup up the ship.


And here are a couple schematics from "anonymous."


Please do let this be from the upcoming X-Files movie. Or even better, some other movie that I haven't heard about yet.

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