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Holophone was displaying a pair of new surround sound mics that looked more like alien spacecraft than microphones. The H3-D pictured here is the follow-up to the $6K H2. But dang, these things aren't cheap. The company's managed to get the price point down to a more palatable $1600 by using its own microphones inside this bulbous enclosure.

But those prices are no big deal to the pro broadcasters who'll be using the things—they're primarily designed to be used for recording crowds at sporting events and concerts. They're described by their makers as the easiest way to capture surround sound.


The yet-to-be-released H4 Super Mini is designed to be used as a camera-mounted mic, runs for five hours on four AA batteries, and comes with an analog-to-digital converter. Pricing for that one should be around $2600.


H3-D Product Page [Holophone]


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