NAB07: Sony XDCAM EX Camcorder Plays Follow the Leader

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Sony finally followed Panasonic's lead by introducing a prosumer-level camera that records to a flash drive. But not just any flash drive, the XDCAM EX records high-def video directly to two ExpressCards. That's good news for MacBook Pro owners as they'll be able to pop the card into that snug slot and edit away.

Budding Spielbergs will marvel at the camera's small size that can capture video at 1080i, 1080p, or 720p at variable frame rates. This means you can do graceful slow motion shots, or crank the speed way down to get some fast frenetic action. So when is this coolCam shipping, and at what price?

Sony's PR guy told us the camera would ship later this year, probably in the fall, with a price somewhere in the neighborhood of $8000. Of course all of this is speculation at the moment, but the company's Z1U camera retailed at that price when it was introduced three years ago. Sony was quick to point out the EX was not a replacement for the Z1U or the V1U but instead an intermediate camera between those two and the high-end HDC-950.


With its small size and solid state technology, just imagine how great the skateboard videos and shots of guys getting hit in the nuts will look on YouTube in high definition.

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I consider 1080P the holy grail of prosumer video and I am blown away at the price this sucker is going to come out at. Yeah $8K may sound like a lot to some but the specs on this thing are incredible for under $10K and you know it will come down even more when it is actually released. As much as I try to avoid Sony of late, I can't help but appreciate their video camera expertise.