Name That Syfy Original Movie

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You know the Syfy movie formula by now. Scientists and/or knights and/or smart rural sheriffs discover a giant monster/magic item/ancient whatsit. Now you can make your mark on one of these flicks forever by entering Syfy's "name that movie" contest.

Having met several of the producers over at Syfy Channel, I can attest that they all have a very good sense of humor about their movies. They know they're making goofy, B-grade stuff, and they love it. And that's why they're inviting you to play along and name their latest confection, concerning an ancient knight, an unholy relic, and some kind of scourge. Plus, just based on the poster, I'm thinking giant monster too.


If you've got a good title for this flick, visit Syfy Channel's "name that movie" contest page, learn more about the plot of this movie, and enter to win cool stuff like a camera and a computer.