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Want to get an Intel Napa laptop for under two grand? Thank AJP for making the M555N. A travel-friendly laptop weighing just 5.5 lb, this baby includes Intel Centrino Core Duo T2400 processor, a full gig of DDR2 RAM and a 100GB SATA hard drive to start you out. Plus, it's got a 15-inch widescreen display and comes with 128MB of dedicated VRAM. So, you think you won't get any extras? Think again. Also featured is a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, WiFi, 10/1000 Ethernet, modem, 4-In-1 card reader, FireWire, HDTV output support, S/PDif, 3x USB2.0 ports and a DVD rewriter. Oh, and throw in a 3-year warranty and a free carrying case just for fun, ok? All this for about $1,800.

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