Napgrass. Wow.

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You may have seen this earlier, but we really wanted to dig deep when we saw this stuff. It's hard to write anything intelligent about this Schlafgras (which translates nicely into "sleeping grass") because I can't quite get over the pic. Too...many...jokes. But really, you don't need me to quip at how ridiculous it is, so I'll try to give you the facts, and just the facts. Schlafgras can be used in a modular form (as seen here) or even as just one, lone Schlafgras, to mitigate all kinds of napping in all kinds of places. Take your Schlafgras to the office for an afternoon snooze. Or make yourself a Schlafgras forest at home, in front of the TV, for those overwhelming naps when you just can't make it to bed. Basically made of freely shapeable Styrofoam, it's meant to offer you (and this I love ) "An easy to use mechanism makes it possible for the individual to arrange a personalized nap-landscape." And it comes in different colors too! Developed by Elena Haller, Julia Meisel, Martin Nowitzki and Hanni Schermaul: Nap Extraordinaires. God love the Germans.

power-napping - schlafgras [Power-napping]

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