NASA Getting a Little Sumthin'-Sumthin' from Virgin

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NASA and Virgin Galactic (two companies that make for strange bedfellows) are loosely teaming up to develop hypersonic commercial planes that'll send common plebes like you and me out into space. You see, NASA has the brains to make these planes, whereas Virgin has the cash flow. Together they can make planes that'll travel at speeds of over Mach 5. Let's just hope they can play Doom.

Virgin Galactic, NASA Team Up to Develop Space-plane Travel [National Geographic News via OhGizmo!]

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Sure, NASA is a "company" since one of the definitions is "A group of persons.". Of course, is is NOT a for-profit corporation, being a government agency, but it still needs people that are associating with each other.

I don't see why NASA and Virgin are strangebedfellows, quite the contrary. NASA wants to get out of the business of launching provate payloads. At the moment, it looks like there is enough excess wealth around that Space Tourism is seen as a way of subsidizing the process, not to mention gving popular appeal to going into space (kind of like the new version of the Prada bag - if the rich people are doing it, the almost rich want to do a cheaper version).

The question remains whether Paris Hilton/ Brittany Spears will be required to wear panties when in free fall.