Virgin America's Airplanes Play Doom

Want even more reason why Virgin America should be approved by the Department of Transportation? Take a look at this video that focuses on the seat-back entertainment on each seat.


The screens are 9-inch and touchscreen, which are powered by an actual individual PC running Linux. These are all interconnected via Ethernet, which grab streaming video off of three file servers in the plane's belly. You can listen to music, watch TV, get pay-per-view movies, or even order food from the touchscreen.

The best part? They ported a bunch of Linux games—including Doom— so you can play it right on the screen.

Thanks Ibelli!



I'm on this flight, sitting next to, what has to be the oldest grandma in America, who was napping the whole flight away.

I pick up the seat back Wii controller and played me some tennis to pass the time away.

The strap breaks and the controller ends up lodging in the back of the head of the undercover air marshal who was seated a few rows ahead of us.

I was like.. OMG what am I gonna do..

So I did what any Gizmodo user would do. I put the broken wrist strap on the one hand of granny, put my can of jolt in her hand and pretended to be catching some zzzzzzzzs.

I literally was shocked when we landed and fro some reason they tackled her on the runway ramp.