Virgin America Airlines Gets Gadget Friendly

Looks like we're going to be flying Virgin next CES—that is, if the Department of Transportation approves their airline application. The new planes from Virgin America theoretically has a whole bunch of cool gadget-friendly features such as a 110V plug, USB port, and RJ-45 (Ethernet) port in every seat.


For comfort, they've got adjustable headrests and "more knee room" than other seats.

What's also cool is the touchscreen feature on the back of every seat. There are music, games, and movie features, plus you can chat with people in other seats or go into a chatroom for the WHOLE PLANE. "OMG LOLZ WE GONS DIE!!!!~!!111oneone11"

let VA Fly [Thanks Charles!]



I'm psyched about this. New airlines are usually good things: Because they don't have a tenured set of employees, it means they're not paying pensions and whatnot that force established airlines to charge more for tickets. Younger fleets are also good; Cheaper to maintain and operate.

The only frequent flyer program I deal with is Virgin Atlantic, and I really hope these guys get off the ground.

As for their technology, it looks good. Entertainment systems do more for making unenjoyable things pass much quicker. I don't get the purpose of the USB port, except as a charging medium. Does it actually do anything else? I wonder if they'll be selling $25 ethernet cables in-air.