Maysak, a charmingly-named Cat-5 super typhoon that only sounds a bit like the Norse god of destruction, is churning its way through the Pacific at the moment. And, as always, mankind is keeping a very careful eye on things from space.


We’d already seen the fantastic images captured by astronauts on the ISS, like something out of a hostile-planet scene in Interstellar. But NASA’s also got some awe-inspiring satellite imagery. The GIF above shows the view from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission’s Precipitation Radar, which captured a rare double-eye-wall at the heart of Maysak.

Then, you’ve got the RapidScat instrument on the ISS, which can see wind speed from space, somehow. The fact that we can see wind speed from space, whilst sailors are still lifting wetted fingers to the sky, seems wrong somehow.

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