NASA releases three new high-res panoramas of Curiosity on Mars

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Each photo comprises more than 20 raw images captured of NASA's one-ton roving robot and the surrounding landscape at different stages of its Martian mission. These massive panoramas, created by Ken Kremer and Marco Di Lorenzo, give us some of the most realistic glimpses yet at Curiosity's life on Mars.


The mosaics "show the context for each spot where the rover is toiling away — compared to individual frames that just give a rather narrow view and incomplete experience," Kremer told in an email. "The wide view lets you experience Mars as if you were standing on the Red Planet's surface — and from the human perspective."

Two of the three new photo mosaics prominently feature Mount Sharp, the mysterious 3.4-mile-high (5.5 km kilometers) mountain that rises from Gale's center. That's no accident, Kremer said.

"Whenever possible with horizon scenery we include Mount Sharp — it's a dramatic backdrop as well as being the rover's ultimate destination," he said.


Here they are, in all their glory. Be sure to click for Hi-Res:


More details over at For more info on Kremer and his mosaics, check out his website.