National Park Service Owns Trump on Twitter One Last Time [Updated]

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President Trump’s administration apparently hasn’t gotten its hands on the National Park Service Twitter account just yet, because the agency is retweeting some things that would likely hurt our new president’s feelings.

As of 4:30pm ET today, the account’s retweets of two fairly anti-Trump tweets—found here and here—were still up on its page:


A few other agencies, by contrast, expressed their congratulations for the new president.


Why is the National Park Service (or whoever runs its Twitter account) so sour on Trump? Perhaps because Ryan Zinke, his nominee for the Secretary of the Interior, isn’t its best friend. Theresa Pierno, president of National Parks Conservation Association, told the New York Times, “Though Mr. Zinke has expressed support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and opposes the sale of public lands, he has prioritized the development of oil, gas and other resources over the protection of clean water and air, and wildlife.”

Stay strong, National Parks social media manager. We’re rooting for you.

Update 6:34PM: It looks like the National Parks Twitter has removed the anti-Trump retweets.


Update 8:20PM: The National Park Service gets banned from tweeting:


[Binyamin Applebaum via Twitter]