Navisurfer II Car PC, Surprisingly Affordable

The Navisurfer II is a pretty interesting little in-dash PC. Featuring a 7-inch flip-out touchscreen display, you can run Windows or Linux driven by a 1.3 Ghz processor in respectable 800 x 480 resolution. Built-in GPS along with a 2.5-inch hard drive (ranging from 40GB to 120GB) mean that you won't require an additional stereo or nav device. Plus, there's surely some fun to be had with its GPRS/CDMA capabilities paired with Bluetooth—and that 7-inch screen can serve as a rearview mirror with the proper setup. Damn.

But the reason it all sounds so great is the price, ranging from $578 to $656. For an in-dash system with this much functionality, that's a steal...even if it's not the fastest system on the planet. [product via techabob]


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