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NBC Employee Fired for Leaking Today Show's Embarrassing Internet Cluelessness

Illustration for article titled NBC Employee Fired for Leaking Today Shows Embarrassing Internet Cluelessness

So, that video exposing Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel's complete ignorance of the internet? The one where they literally ask "What is the internet?" NBC's canned the person responsible for the leak. Hey NBC—it was 1994. Chill out.


According to a tweet from Washington Post columnist Rob Pegoraro, the NBC employee was fired for letting the video spread across the internet—whatever the hell the internet is, anyway—and the network is now desperately trying to pull down the footage. To which we say, again, chill out. If the video were from 2011, then there might be a legitimate reason to raise an eyebrow at Gumbel's consternated attempts to decipher that bizarre, swirly hieroglyph, the @ sign. But it's from seventeen years ago. Take a joke. Katie's early-90s haircut is more embarrassing than her knowledge of computers. [via Tech Crunch]

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