We've all seen the stats for the gross amount of lost productivity during the NCAA tournament every March. But, like, where the hell do those people work? Certainly nowhere with a good firewall or sysadmin. The NCAA has you covered again this year, but now it'll cost you (a bit).


What does it do?

The NCAA March Madness Live app is a free download that lets you check scores and follow your bracket and even listen to in-game radio for every game in the tournament. Last year you got livestream video of all the games, too, but this year it's $4.

Why do we like it?

It's every single game of the tournament, right on your phone or tablet. It's incredible, even if it's a few bucks. If you're going to be away from a TV or computer for any extended period of time that you would like to not be away from a TV or computer, it's totally worth the price.



Download this app for:

The Best

Live games

The Worst

Still at work


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