NECA's Deluxe Master Chief figure is one fabulous looking Spartan

NECA have finally got their hands on the Halo franchise - and the first product born of that line is this gorgeous, 18" scaled figure of the Master Chief. Be still, my beating heart.

The figure is directly sculpted off the digital model 343 Industries made for Halo 4, which gave Master Chief an updated look for the first post-Bungie Halo game back in 2012 - and comes with 30 points of articulation, as well as the Chief's two most iconic weapons: Halo's MA5B Assault Rifle, and the M6 Magnum.


That's one pretty supersoldier right there.

NECA's Master Chief is due out next month, and although there's no official price tag, NECA's other 18"-scaled figures have been about $100. You can check out plenty more pictures of the figure at the NECA blog linked below.

[NECA Online]

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