It’s a damn good job Pacific Rim’s Gipsy Danger is such a cool robot, otherwise getting like, the billionth Gispy Danger figure in NECA’s sublime toy line based on the movie would be very annoying at this point. I mean, it still is a little annoying, but when Gipsy can look this great, it’s easy to forgive that.

This time Gispy Danger complete with one less arm than usual, is getting a cool variant based on the climax of the movie, where the Jaegar overloads its nuclear core and is turned into a bomb to destroy the nasty Kaiju-growing aliens threatening Earth in a parallel existence. “Anteverse” Gipsy (that place beyond the tear in reality is called the Anteverse, apparently. The more you know!) may be down an arm, but it kind of makes up for it with a cool, ethereal looking paint job that makes it look like it’s glowing. And about to blow up in a hail of nuclear explosion awesomeness.


Cast in a translucent blue plastic, the figure features paint around the chest to create the effect of looking like it’s just about to blow up from the inside of the reactor core on its torso. It’s a really cool effect, to the point it’s almost a shame that it’s been done on NECA’s “battle damage” sculpt. I wouldn’t mind seeing this on a normal figure.

NECA’s Anteverse Gispy Danger will be exclusive to Toys R’ Us in the US, where it’ll set you back the usual Pacific Rim line price of $25 when it releases later this month. Now please, NECA, can we have variants of Jaegers that aren’t Gipsy Danger? That would be great.


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