Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears Review: Why You Need Psychic Cyborg Animal Ears

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What could possibly be cuter than a pair of wearable, fuzzy animatronic car ears? A pair of wearable, fuzzy animatronic cat ears that can read your mind. Be the belle of the yarn ball and the envy of crazy old cat ladies everywhere.


What Is It?

A pair of animatronic cat ears that wiggle and swivel to match your mood.

Who's it For?

Comic-con carnies and Maid Cafe employees looking for the big tips.


It's a battery-operated headband with servo motors hidden in the fuzzy ears.

Using It

Put it on your head, attach the pulse monitor clip to your left earlobe, position the "brainwave sensor" above your left eyebrow, and turn on the power.


The Best Part

You will look oh so adorable.

Tragic Flaw

The mass of electronics on the left band and the weird gauge pressed against your forehead can detract from the cute factor.

This Is Weird...

The other people here at this bar keep snickering.

Test Notes

  • Ears come in Cat, Dog, and Devil Horn varieties.
  • Ears express four emotions: Full relaxation, mild interest, peaked interested, and intense focus.
  • The ears will take a minute or two to calibrate to your mood (by wiggling maniacally) before snapping to attention.

Should You Buy It?

If you really want to let your geek flag fly, then probably. If you've at least made it to this section of the review without once thinking to yourself, "Man, this is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen"—and you've got $100 to burn—then definitely.


Necomimi Specs

• Sensor: EEG
• Battery: (4) AAA
• Weight: 10 oz
• Price: $100
• Gizrank: 3.5 Stars


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Girls of all shapes and sizes can pout with said ears and get away with it.

As for the guys? mmmm... not so much... either that or I cannot seem to picture it. Anyone else?