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Yu, a female loggerhead turtle and her (27th pair of) artificial fins at the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan. She was tangled in fishing nets after a shark attack in the Kii Channel in 2008.


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Motala, who lost a foot after stepped on a land mine in 1999, received a new leg three years ago at an elephant hospital located in Lampang, Thailand.


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Mr. Stubbs, an eleven-year-old Arizona alligator who lived with a missing tail for eight years after it was bitten off. He received a prosthetic one in March 2013.

A stork named Uzonka with a prothesis on its broken bill in the backyard of an animal hospital in Uzon, Romania, September 2006. Uzonka was assaulted by an unknown person and had five surgeries to fit the new beak.


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Oscar, who lost his back legs after run over by a combine harvester in October 2009, has "bionic" legs implanted into the remaining bone since June 2010.

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Chris P. Bacon, the Pig On Wheels, who was born with malformed hind legs, and always used two wheels instead of his hind legs.


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Arava, an African Spurred Tortoise with paralyzed hind legs at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo, using a two-wheeled metal board attached to her shell.


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Tripod, the llama, found in the wild near Bennett, Denver in 2013


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