NeoTune iPod Dockable Headphone

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Want to look like the biggest toolbag in town without even trying? Simply walk around town wearing these bad boys. The NeoTune headphones have an integrated iPod dock. So not only are you wearing giant headphones around town, you are wearing giant headphones with a protruding iPod nano around town. These headphones only work with the second generation iPod nano, and that is it. No auxiliary input, nothing. They will be hitting the market overseas in December for $43. What a practical idea gone to waste.


NeoTune Headphone with iPod Dock [newlaunches]


As my daily routine may take me to all kinds of places where I don't want to be. But Multimedia Stereo Audio iPod Headphone is my ticket out. With accurate transducers in compact on- and over-ear designs, This Series headphones deliver rich, powerful sound with plenty of the bass punch for which it is famous. If compact-but-powerful sounds like a winning combination, brace yourself for another one: lightweight-but-rugged. This Series iPod headphones [] are designed for hours of comfortable use. And the most important, this fashion charming multimedia Audio Microphone headphones is special for iPod Nano with holder for it. and also compatible with MP3,MP4,CD,PC or any other player which has 3.5mm audio/microphone plug.You can enjoy sound music with your family,friends or lover at the same time by a 1-to-2 audio ipod adapters [] cable at the same time. As The iPod nano is identical to other iPods with respect to headphones: Any headphones that use a standard 1/8" stereo miniplug will work with the iPod nano. Those with 1/4" stereo plugs need a 1/8" iPod adapter. Next step I wanna to bought such a cool headphone thought I've already got 2 piece of handsets.