Nerf's New Blaster Puts Four Spinning Barrels Inside a Spinning Barrel

If you're going to call a toy blaster the 'Doominator' it better deliver on a sense of despair and foreboding—at least for those on the wrong end of the barrel. And it looks like Nerf has done just that because its latest creation features a set of four dart-laden spinning barrels that revolve around a larger spinning barrel to deliver a near-endless barrage of foam projectiles.

According to the folks at Blaster Labs, the Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator will be available sometime in mid-to-late summer of this year for around $35, and is designed to look like a rag-tag prop from The Walking Dead. If a real zombie infestation were to arise, a Nerf gun is the last weapon you'd want to reach for, but for taking down half-asleep co-workers dealing with the afternoon lull, it's the perfect addition to your secret filing cabinet arsenal. [Blaster Labs]


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