Netflix Is Losing New Release Rentals

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Bad news, Netflix customers: Warner Bros. and Netflix have just made an agreement to delay all new release rentals by 28 days so people will keep buying DVDs. Or, as is more likely, turn to piracy.


The upside of the deal is that Warner is offering up more movies for streaming on Netflix to make up for the lack of new releases. But don't expect this to be the only studio that makes this deal. Now that one has shown that Netflix is willing to play ball, the rest should follow. Weak, Netflix. Weak.

I guess if you want to see a new release without buying the goddamned movie, you're stuck heading to the torrent sites. You did this to yourself, Warner Bros. [Mashable]



What movies did Netflix get for the deal, and how soon do they get them? I'd bet my ten bucks a month subscription they don't get the new releases the first day out, but if they can get a steady stream of new releases at all, that might not be so bad.

Don't get me wrong. It's a dick move on the studios part. But I'm trying to see Netflix' angle on this. They want streaming movies, ultimately. If they can get movies like The Dark Knight streaming, even if it's later than the DVD release, I'd call this a win.

Renting is better than buying. But streaming is better than renting.