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Netflix Was Surprised You Guys Didn't Bitch About the Price Hike More

Even though I saw more than my fair share of moans about the Netflix price increase on Twitter and the like, Netflix thinks they got away relatively unscathed. Cue a deluge of further complaints after CEO Reed Hasting's comments.


Even though their stock took a nose-dive, and Netflix believes they'll have problems attracting new subscribers, Hastings stated on an earnings call that they "knew what we were getting into, we tried to be as straightforward as we could, and that has worked out very well for us." [All Things D]

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Organized Chaos

I think American consumers (as a whole) have much more power than we wield. We can cause big changes by boycotting products/services, discontinuing use of them, or simply standing up and sticking to our guns. But for the most part when we don't like something, sure we complain, but that's about it. We go right back to using the product/service. Companies know this and as long as they can weather the storm (more like a spring shower) they know in the end they're golden. Look at facebook and their privacy issues. Do you think they care about all the complaints & media coverage when usage keeps skyrocketing?