Netflix's Awake Trailer Has a Worldwide Sleeping Disorder

See, if Gina Rodriguez had gotten some sleep she’d remember you don’t hold guns that way.
See, if Gina Rodriguez had gotten some sleep she’d remember you don’t hold guns that way.
Screenshot: Netflix

In Awake, a mysterious event causes all electronics to stop working... and suddenly, no one can fall asleep. I have no idea what could possibly cause both these things, and if there’s an answer, it’s absolutely not in the movie’s first trailer.

Seems like society goes to hell rather quickly once the event happens, which is bad news for ex-soldier Jill (Gina Rodriguez) and her daughter Mathilda (Ariana Greenblatt), the latter of whom seems to be the only person on the planet who can go to sleep. Especially since the trailer implies that the only way a group of very tired scientists can figure how to get people to start sleeping again is by very literally sacrificing her. I also don’t know why learning how she’s managing to go night-night requires the child to die, but clearly there’s a lot I don’t understand about this movie.


Perhaps director Mark Raso (Kodachrome) will give us the answers—perhaps—when Awake debuts on Netflix on June 9.

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You know, just a world where nobody can sleep would be interesting enough without having to do the whole “ELECTRONICS DON’T WORK!” bit too.

Hell, it would be SCARIER to exist in a world where people are slowly going crazy from a lack of sleep but otherwise everything else is normal.

Because in a situation like that, the relative normalcy of everything else would impact how people handle the fact they can’t sleep.