Netflix's The I-Land Trailer Conjures Up the Scariest Thing of All...the Fyre Festival?

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Hey, this stock footage looks familiar.
Image: Netflix

Netflix has released the first glimpse at The I-Land with a teaser clearly designed to rip on the announcement trailer for the failed Fyre Festival—even though the limited series doesn’t look to be about that at all. Either way, something tells me this island getaway has bigger problems than disaster relief tents and bologna sandwiches.

The I-Land stars Kate Bosworth (who’s also a producer) and Natalie Martinez as a few of the 10 folks who’ve woken up on a “treacherous island with no memory of who they are or how they got there.” Much like something out of The Hunger Games, our heroes—who’ve all been “selected” for this getaway, a la Cabin in the Woods—have to figure out a way to get off the island...while surviving a series of the island’s “extreme psychological and physical challenges.”

The premise sounds fine enough, albeit a well-tread subject, but I found myself more intrigued by the teaser itself. It’s a clear parody of that announcement trailer for Fyre Festival, right down to the swimming pigs and the old man voiceover. I am curious whether this series will deliver on any of the “wild party” elements promised in the teaser, given what the show seems to actually be about. Of course, the Fyre Festival didn’t either, so—touché, The I-Land.


As someone who followed the Fyre Festival situation unfold back in 2017, and has since watched both Hulu and Netflix’s documentaries, it’s strangely cathartic to already see it being parodied. Of course, I’m sure that’s exactly why the teaser is copying Fyre Festival, to get the attention of folks like me who wouldn’t otherwise bother with what looks to be a pretty cookie-cutter dystopian survival tale. But hey, job well done, I guess.


The I-Land, which is still a dumb show name, come out on September 12.

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