NetGear Expands Lineup of ReadyNAS Storage Devices

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NetGear has recently announced 5 new products to their arsenal of network-attached storage devices (NAS) with four of these coming to the ReadyNAS NV+ lineup and one to the 1100 series. The upgrades offer storage capacities ranging from 1.5TB to 4TB along with an enhanced UI, support for Gigabit Ethernet networking, UPnP AV multimedia access, HTTP/S remote access, FTP/S transfers, SSL and ACL security, hardware accelerated RAID 0, 1, 5 and their own proprietary X-RAID technology (enables users to add additional hard disks over without having to reconfigure the system or shuffle data). Prices start at $1099. [Product Page via eHome Upgrade via Ubergizmo]


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$1099 without drives? Seems rather expensive, compared to the 1TB Terastation I bought two and a half years ago for about the same price. I guess the recently replaced disks (now 2TB total) and the hacked firmware need to last another year or two...