Netgear Extender Stretches Out Your Internet Connection

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Need to expand your Internet connection to another part of your apartment? Netgear's new XEPS103 PowerLine Extender can turn any electrical outlet into an instant Internet connection. As a bonus, if you have a Netgear router, it'll replace your router's power adapter and still double as a network extender. Speed-wise you're looking at 85Mbps. The Extender is out now for $80. A full kit (with the XE103 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapter) is coming this summer.


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There's one of the previous model strider mentions installed in an office I support. Doesn't play nicely with a Linksys router also in use without some hacking; I suspect this new model will be similar.

IIRC, by default the Netgear and Linksys use different subnets and have trouble intercommunicating. Not an issue if you're using all Netgear stuff, but don't try to mix and match unless you've got the time/patience/expertise to make them work together.