Netgear's New NeoTV Enlists in the Growing Google TV Army

Add Netgear to the long list of tech companies joining up with Google TV—it just jumped onboard the train with its NeoTV PRIME streaming box.

It's pretty much what we've come to expect from set-top boxes—shortcuts for Netflix, Pandora, HBO GO, access to Google Play, and a search feature for live TV. But you won't have to pick which service you want to watch from, because the NeoTV's keyboard will search every single platform. You can also browse Chrome, watch a live broadcast, or do both at the same time with a picture in picture feature.


Don't know what you want? The NeoTV knows you. Or at least it will get to know you by keeping track of what you watch, to give you suggestions. How many Google TV options could we possibly need? Who knows. But this one goes for $130.

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