Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder

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Neuros Audio's new set-top video recorder is pretty nifty, with real-time MPEG-4 capturing from any analog video source. For $130, you can record direct to CompactFlash or SD cards, which works out to be around 512MB of storage per hour, according to Neuros. That makes it an easy way to transfer video content to mobile devices for watching later (especially if you plug a Microdrive or one of the increasingly-affordable 1GB cards). It doesn't look like it has any scheduling capability, so it's not going to be a mini-TiVo (at least not yet; the firmware is upgradeable). The device can of course playback MPEG-4 (as well as a variety of audio formats) from SD cards, as well.


And in a bit of a coup, the first round of MPEG-4 Recorders will be available in a one day sale on, a site that I am increasingly enjoying, despite my initial doubts about their success.

Neuros Audio Introduces Freedom For Digital Video Files [ChaitGear]

Update: A little nerd told me that these will be going on sale at Midnight tonight on woot. They won't be in stores until mid-March.

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